Buying or selling is not only a financial decision, it’s also an emotional decision that involves many factors. Perhaps you are moving to Ladysmith or Nanaimo for a new job or perhaps you’re downsizing from home that you have enjoyed for many years. My role is to make the transaction, and transition, simple and comfortable. Contact me today and let’s discuss your questions about buying or selling a home.

Did you know that a Realtor® is required by law to serve clients with “fiduciary duty”, which is the highest standard of care in law? A fiduciary is expected to work only in the best interests of their client. I will look after your purchase or sale with the same care and respect that I would give to my own transactions. You may know this duty as The Golden Rule and it’s my promise to you.


As a long-time resident of the Ladysmith, B.C. area I have the expert knowledge to guide you through the local market to find the home of your dreams. I am committed to fast, professional, and courteous service that will help you understand and feel at ease through the home buying process.

When you buy a property in the Cowichan Valley, you’re not only buying a place to call home, you’re also investing in the Island lifestyle. Living on Vancouver Island has been compared to being on vacation every day of your life.

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Are you interested in selling your home and perhaps buying something larger, smaller, or to move closer to family?

Selling a property in today’s market can be challenging because values change quickly. My experience in the local market will ensure that your home is priced properly so that you can move in your desired time frame.

Your input in the process is critical and I value your suggestions and guidance. My goal is to ensure that you’re very satisifed. Please contact me today and we’ll put together a plan to find the right buyers at the right price.

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About Me

In 1966, I moved the Mid-Island area, got involved in auto mechanics and racing, met a lot of nice people, and discovered the laid back lifestyle known here as “island time”. Racing is something I’ve been involved in all my life, mostly on oval tracks, and finished my career in sprint cars which are very fast and a lot of fun. At one point, I held speed records on five tracks up and down the West Coast from Prince George to California.

After being a mechanic and small business owner for 30 years, I transitioned to real estate in order to use my knowledge about the area to help friends and family with their home ownership goals. The Ladysmith to Nanaimo corridor is mostly rural and I have an in-depth understanding of the housing stock here which includes wooded lots, farms, off-service properties, and some beautiful single family homes that you cannot find in the city. When I’m working with a buyer or seller, I make an effort not to ‘sell’ during the process; acquiring a new home is really about discovery and tuning, much like the mechanical work for race cars. When everyone in the transaction wins, that’s something to celebrate.


Contact me today and let’s talk about your next real estate transaction.